Fighting Screentime: if you can't beat 'em, join 'em

Published by Jordan Skole on 2/13/2022

Building the machine

Building the machine was easy. I had an extra raspberry pi 4 laying around, and anytime I visit the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, or if I see one on the street I can't help but keep my eye peeled for a monitor or HDTV.

So I had an extra keyboard, corded mouse, and monitor lying around. Usually you can find these items for less than $40.00 all around.

On top of that I had an extra Raspberry Pi i can contribute. Right now I have 3 Raspberry Pi 4's in rotation and one Raspberry Pi W.

    Making it safe: Layer 1 - Router Level

    One of the first things I need to do is figure out how to white-list certain websites, and then show an error to Jack if he visits a website outside of the range.

    Long-term, I should allow him to access Google and request access to certain sites, but for now I want to start way more cautious.

    I have several "layers" I can use to keep this safe, starting with the routers. We have an Eero mesh network, and I love how easy it is to add devices to certain groups (Kid's or Jack for example) and then have fine-grained control over access to the public internet.

    I created

      Making it safe: Layer 2 - Safe Search

        Making it fun: Installing Steam + Universe Sandbox

        One of jack's favorite games to play on the computer is called Universe Sandbox.