A collection of very cool "products," however these items don't need to be for sale. For example it could be an interesting open-source software library, or even a simple CAD file.

Odoo - Open Source CRM (Python)

Open Source CRM software for modern companies. Cloud or On Premise.



Natural is a Javascript library for natural language processing


Shapr3D is an intuitive CAD tool built to make 3D modeling easier and quicker. Download the app for free!

Morpholio Trace

Morpholio Trace is a unique sketch utility that allows you to easily develop ideas in layers, communicate via drawing markup, and connect fluently with your global network.



A lightweight JavaScript library for creating particles.

react-h5-audio-player (audio player react component)

React audio player component with UI. It provides time indicator on both desktop and mobile devices. - GitHub - lhz516/react-h5-audio-player: React audio player component with UI. It provides time ...

terminal-kit (a node library for building feature-rich cli applications)

Terminal utilities for node.js. Contribute to cronvel/terminal-kit development by creating an account on GitHub.

Easel Driver for Raspberry Pi (for X-Carve)

Easel driver for Linux, Mac, Windows, ARM, Raspberry Pi, Intel, FTDI, CH340, CH341, FTDI clones, local, and remote access to GRBL-based CNC controllers - GitHub - samyk/easel-driver: Easel driver f...



Sandpack is a component toolkit for creating live-running code editing experiences powered by CodeSandbox.


MDX allows you to use JSX in your markdown content. You can import components, such as interactive charts or alerts, and embed them within your content. This makes writing long-form content with components a blast.


The only framework that makes responsive email easy. MJML is a markup language designed to reduce the pain of coding a responsive email.


Retool is the fast way to build internal tools. Drag-and-drop our building blocks and connect them to your databases and APIs to build your own tools, instantly. Connects with Postgres, REST APIs, GraphQL, Firebase, Google Sheets, and more. Built by developers, for developers. Trusted by startups and Fortune 500s. Sign up for free.


Strapi is the next-gen headless CMS, open-source, javascript, enabling content-rich experiences to be created, managed and exposed to any digital device.


Ghostscript is the #1 PDL conversion and interpreter tool available, offering native rendering of PDF, PostScript, PCL, XPS, raster and vector files, as well as ASCII text.


Seafile is an open source, self-hosted file sync and share solution with high performance and reliability. Sync, access, and collaborate on files on your own server or private cloud.


RudderStack is the easiest way to stream data from your website or warehouse. With RudderStack, you can easily collect customer data from every platform.